A Letter From Our Minister

Dear Topsail United Family,

I hope this finds you well in this difficult time for our province. It looks like we will be spending our second Lenten season in physical isolation for each other. This past week has proven the adage, “A lot can change in a blink in the eye”. Given the current situation with quarantine please note the following update to church activity:

  • Our Church office is closed for the time being. The only people that are permitted in the building the staff and board members that have been deemed necessary for the functioning, safety and security of the building.
  • Worship will be on-line only for the coming weeks. Worship services will be found on Facebook and YouTube on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m.
  • If you would like to drop off an offering at the church please call ahead so that all contact surfaces can be disinfected before arrival. Please consider other ways to give, Pre-authorized Admittance (PAR), online giving or mail to make the transaction safer for everyone.
  • The Covenanting Service between Topsail Road United, Rev. Kathy and the First Dawn, Eastern Edge Region scheduled for February 24th is postponed to later date.
  • Our Annual Congregational Meeting scheduled for February 28th has been changed to an on-line (via Zoom) meeting for March 7, 2021 @1:00 p.m. Closer to the date the dial in information will be made available via email. For more information please contact Rev. Kathy.
  • I am planning on conducting an on-line Bible Study/Prayer time on Tuesday mornings, if you are interested please call or email me.

I know that we are again in a challenging and scary time, please know that the church is there for you and you can contact me via email kathy.brett101@gmail.com and or call 424-2390 or 480-0376 at any time for any reason. Hold each other in prayer as you pray for those who are most affected by this most recent outbreak in Covid-19 in Newfoundland and Labrador. Wishing you safety and may you feel God’s Spirit with you blessing you with hope and peace.

Rev. Kathy