Christmas Hamper Doations

In the past the CBS/Paradise Food Bank has distributed over 400
hampers in the form of Gift Cards for food for Christmas. This year
we are expecting an increase in need.

A single person receives $50 Gift Card, a family of 2-3 receives $75
Gift Card and a family of 4 or more receives $100 Gift Card. Please
donate as you are able, every bit helps and is gratefully appreciated.
Donations will be received up until Jan. 2nd 2021.

To request a Christmas Hamper in the CBS/Paradise area, please
contact the CBS/Paradise Food Bank at 834-2800 by December 4th.
Distribution of the Christmas “Hamper” Gift Cards will be
December 14th to the 18th. The Food Bank will be closed
December 19th and will reopen on January 5th.

If you wish to make a donation, you can use a regular envelope, just
indicate the amount is for “Food Bank Christmas” and drop it in the
offering plate or at the church office. All donations will be credited to
your name or envelope number. Thank you.